Counselling is person focused and based on helping individuals, couples and families to explore issues, concerns and/or self-validation, which leads to the development of more satisfying and resourceful ways of living.  Our clients may have the opportunity to:

  • explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • expand their self-awareness
  • improve their self-esteem and motivation
  • reduce levels of stress and anxiety
  • improve communication
  • reduce depression
  • become more self-accepting
  • improve relationships, and/or
  • increase their self-development skills.
 For Families

Family Therapy is based on the recognition that people are significantly shaped by their original family environment.  Individual issues become family issues.  Interventions take into account factors that are interpersonal and intergenerational as well as intra-personal and in the here and now.

 For Couples

Couples work attempts to identify each person's view of the relationship. The focus is on working forward rather than holding on to the blame. Both parties are asked to relate how the dynamic is affecting them personally and what they are doing in response. Through taking individual responsibility for one's actions, each person will begin to control the only thing they can control, themselves. This approach allows for differences and encourages the recognition that one's partner does not have to have the same world-view.


  Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Counselling

Are you worried about your drinking?

Do you, a family member, work colleague, friend or someone you know have an alcohol or other drug addiction problem?

We can help.

If so, we can offer help with either one on one counselling, one on one education, group workshops or one off presentations.  This service is available free of charge to anyone living the Gore and districts – from Lumsden to Tokonui to Tapanui to Clinton and everywhere inbetween.

We offer:

  • Screening for AOD problems
  • One on one counselling.
  • One on one education about drugs and their effects.
  • Brief assessments.
  • Comprehensive assessments.
  • Individual treatment plans.
  • Relapse prevention plans.
  • Harm minimising strategies.
  • Use reduction strategies.
  • AOD education and/or therapy groups.
  • Presentations to workplaces, community groups, schools and other organisations

How do I register / enrol?

Any person can refer to our AOD service.  You can come in to our centre or ring us.  Or your friends, family, GP, work mates, or any one else can refer you if you give your permission for them to do so.

What happens next?

An AOD counsellor will ring or write a letter to make the first appointment. During the first appointment, you will both discuss what you want from the counselling and how it will work.

What can I expect?

  • Confidentiality
  • Experienced and professional counsellors
  • Service delivered in a timely and efficient manner
  • Appropriate interventions to your needs and situation
  • Education, information and advice
  • Referral to other more specialist AOD treatment service, e.g. detoxification, residential rehabilitiation programme.

Is there a cost? 

Our AOD counselling service is free of charge as we are funded by the Southern DHB

How do I know this is a quality and legitimate service?

Our AOD service is audited by the Ministry of Health. Registration with DAPAANZ and external supervision for each counsellor is compulsary. These are some of the ways we ensure we deliver a high quality service from professional staff


 Parenting Education:
  • One-to-one parenting education.